April 1, 2023

APR 1, bottom line of medical humor: diarrhea

a) reprise from 2020 

APR 1, bottom line of medical humor: diarrhea

 Authors' Note:  
  euphemism allows one to skirt around the messy details. 

  Diarrhea, a term coined by Hippocrates, derives from the Greek for a flow going through; the details are linked by longstanding usage to the specific intestinal inconvenience, sometimes characterized as "the trots".
The authors regret that there are no appropriate images to accompany this verse.

But, you can view informative verses of this type in a wider context by proceeding to the collection 'The BOTTOM LINE of MEDICAL HUMOR' on our full-service blog "Edifying Nonsense". Click HERE!


Yesterday there was a lot of cleaning up, and some further tearing apart!

master BR

b) Giorgio's Lexicon of Binomials

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