December 1, 2022

DEC 1, mythed opportunities: Cronus


Now on me falls the gruesomest onus,

To describe Zeus's dad, god named Cronus:

Maimed his Pa, this bad dude,

Then devoured his own brood.

Zeus escaped, then dethroned him. A bonus!

Dr G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, 2022    
(OEDILF #113710)

Authors' Note: The nasty Greek deity Cronus, (sometimes transcribed as Kronos) has intermittently been conflated with the Father Time-like figure Chronos, but eventually merged with the more benign Roman god Saturn, for whom Saturday, the planet Saturn, and the harvest festival saturnalia are named.

In the harsh Greek version of the myth, the youth Cronus castrates his father, Uranus, at the urging of his peevish mother Gaia. Later, Cronus learns that he, too, is fated to be overturned by his own offspring, and devours them, except for Zeus, who escapes and eventually does overthrow him to become king of the gods.

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