April 12, 2022

APR 12, mammalian wildlife: resurgent sea otters

  Elkhorn Slough, at Moss Landing CA, an inlet of Monterey Bay, has become, with protective measures enforced, a bathtub for once-endangered sea otters. If you are lucky enough to visit in April, as we were, you may get to see the pups being toured about by their moms.  Attention is drawn to these gentle marine mammals, seemingly at play, as viewed from our rental kayak. If you prefer, there is a larger tour-boat. Other species of wildlife now abound in and near the waters and in the pastoral setting  of the adjacent uplands, the latter having been developed a century ago for dairy farming. The fishing port of Moss Landing is still the site of a power plant that has dominated the skyline for decades, but is currently being partly dismantled.


Elkhorn Slough is teeming with sea otters

terns on poles in the Slough

harbor seals find this a good place to nap

view over the Elkhorn Slough
from the National Estuarine Research Reserve 

touring the uplands on an informative guided walk 

banner at the Elkhorn Reserve

California poppies

The author with fishing buddies at the entrance
 to an incredible seafood restaurant

 the beach at the local State Park,
only a few feet from the restaurant

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