April 23, 2022

APR 23, binomial phrases: 'hem and haw'

Authors' Note:  The most striking binomial phrases are either alliterative (like  'hem and haw', 'kith and kin'), or rhyming (like 'hither and thither'). The astute reader might realize that 'whence, wherefore and whither' is a TRInomial phrase, a less common entity.  

 To review the poetic effusion that we have accumulated about binomial phrases, proceed to our blog "Edifying Nonsense", and check out the post  'Grandpa Greg's Grammar: Binomial Expressions'. Click HERE ! (Or, if you prefer, you could look over this stuff on Giorgio's Facebook photo-albums.) 

There is also an entire collection of lyrics to patter songs, somewhat older material, dedicated to various kinds of binomials, that provides more didactic material and an extensive series of examples, and allows you to sing these expressions for your own enjoyment, or for that of others around you. Click HERE !

chocolate matzoh pieces (B's Pesach recipe)
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incidental photographic portrayal:

'kith and kin'

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