June 2, 2021

JUN 2, American satire: Georgia voters

Authors' Note:  The fiefdoms of major American political parties are frequently identified on political posters and maps by color coding, Republicans being depicted as red, and Democrats as blue. The relatively conservative southern state of Georgia had traditionally voted Republican in federal presidential elections for several decades until, in November 2020, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by a relatively small increment of twelve thousand votes statewide, a difference of less than 1%.

  After the 2020 election, the transcript of a phone call between the President and his lawyers and Georgia's Secretary of State (the state official in charge of elections) was obtained by the media. In the phone call, the federal parties derided the state's procedures, suggesting that a significant number of Democrat votes had been cast by dead persons. They asked that this unfair situation be redressed by "finding" just enough previously unrecorded Red votes to alter the outcome.

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