May 26, 2021

MAY 26, exotic destination: Chania, Crete

Authors' Note:
La Canea (lah cah-NAY-ah): Italian name of the city
La Canée (lah cah-NAY): French name of the city
Chaniá, also written Chania (kha-NYAH): modern Greek   pronunciation
Kydonia, Cydonia: Roman names for the city, presumably derived from the designation given by the rather mysterious Minoan early settlers

  The city of Chaniá on the north coast of Crete, although difficult to pronounce, is an excellent tourist hub due to the adjacent rugged but hikable country, with beautiful beaches, mountain gorges and archeological sites. The history of the area is fascinating. When Byzantium fell in 1204, crusaders took control of Crete. Venetians, under their ruling Doges, held the island primarily from 1245 to 1652, implanting their religious symbol, St. Mark

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