April 13, 2020

APR 13, geysers: second-hand geyser

Authors' NoteBjörg(f.) and Björn(m.) are typical Icelandic names.  In Britain, the term geyser, has come to mean a secondary water heater at the point-of-use, e.g. near a bathtub. In Iceland, hot water is distributed to all homes as a part of geothermal energy systems; such devices are not needed, and probably not available.
In North America, such auxiliary plumbing devices are known as ‘tankless water heaters’.
 Björn originally conceived of his gift idea based on occasional offerings of spent hydrogeologic geysers in Icelandic second-hand stores, e.g. the original reliable vent at Geysir which thrilled Victorian tourists has died back, 'replaced' nearby by other vents. The reader is left to judge whether such second-hand devices represent a figment of the author’s imagination or contrived nonsense


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