April 25, 2020

APR 25, more spring outings (coastal Carolina)

Keep more to yourself for a while, wash your hands frequently, remember to laugh on occasion, and stay well!

mallard duck; Mt. Pleasant; South Carolinba; Giorgio Coniglio
mallard drake
Middleton Place; Charleston; South Carolina
mute swan, Middleton Place

green anole; Mt. Pleasant; South Carolina; Giorgio Coniglio
a green anole;
one of E.T.'s relations?
Spanish moss; Mt. Pleasant; South Carolina; Giorgio Coniglio
cycling under Spanish moss

photo; Giorgio Coniglio; painted turtle; Chrysemys picta; reptile
eastern painted turtle

Bonus verse:

Bonus wordplay map:

List of slides: 4 outing pics (mallard, cycling under moss, mute swan, green anole (ET), preventive cocktails, verse,  + new world palindromes#15

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