April 29, 2020

APR 29, broad-headed skink

Keep more to yourself for a while, wash your hands frequently, remember to laugh on occasion, and stay well!

And, if skinks are your main interest (why not?), you can learn about Rusty's cousin, also a creature we frequently encounter in South Carolina, the five-lined skink, here
You can review illustrated and amusing verses about other reptiles, e.g. alligators, turtles and anoles by proceeding to 'Herpetologic Verse: Limericks about Reptiles' on the full-service blog 'Edifying Nonsense'

reptile; lizard; skink; boad-headed skink; Plestiodon laticeps; mating behavior;iorgio Coniglio

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List of slides: broad-headed skink, verse and notes; photo of skink couple (pornspoof) 

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