December 6, 2023

DEC 6, pinkos (forward thinkers): the gamophobic socialist

Authors' Note:   Gamophobia is an irrational fear of getting married, or of interpersonal commitment. Gamophobic individuals, or gamophobes, whatever their political views, are people who harbour such neurotic anxieties.

The slogan "better red than dead" was mentioned in a book that British philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote in 1961, in the face of a potential East-West nuclear confrontation; it was subsequently adopted by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, an organization that Russell helped found. The slogan has been used in both directions, with hardline rightwingers sometimes proclaiming "Better dead then red".

Also, a related disorder, gynophobia, is discussed in another of our intriguing and informative verses. 

You can review all the poems in our collection "Pinkos: forward thinkers" by clicking HERE.

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