January 1, 2023

JAN 1, urban concerns: in the distance

shortly after a January sunrise

Mid-town condo: its base of existence,

In our visitors' view, their insistence,

(The reflection's intense

When the ice-cover's dense,

But obscured, summer days,

When sight's shrouded by haze)

Is the view of the lake in the distance.

Dr G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, 2023

Authors' Note: 

Frequently, to increase the musical quality of the modifier, distant and distantly are rendered in song-lyrics and poetry as in the distance, or at a distance.

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Our collection of 'Non-Sequiturs' on our parent blog "Edifying Nonsense", contains an admittedly bizarre assortment of nonsensical odds-and-ends, that don't quite fit into other topic-based offerings. But should you want to review the entire collection, click HERE.

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