November 15, 2022

NOV 15, poets' corner: wit's end



I'm upset, at the end of my wits,

'Cause my blogposts no longer get hits. 

Fans and fam liked my stuff,

But they've now had enough.

My new role? A sole twit -- that shoe fits.

Dr G.H. and Giorgio Coniglio, 2022

You can find lots of other verses on this blog under the rubric "Poets' Corner".  Most of them are in limerick format, and have been subjected to the editing process at OEDILF, the Online English Dictionary in Limerick Form. To access the others, type the phrase Poets Corner into the searchline on this blogpost (at the top of the righthand navigation column).

If you prefer, you could view most of this topically arranged material on Facebook, in Giorgio's photo-albums. (About 20% of those offerings consist of political satire or adult limericks, and you will have to be a 'friend' of Giorgio's to view that stuff.)

Incidental Photo:

a snowy egret, fishing near the old bridge

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