August 23, 2020

AUG 23, limerick variations: verses with embedded illustrations

Authors' Note

pic: informal abbreviation for 'picture’

   The author has the experience of posting on his blogs (as here) and on his Facebook profile, hundreds of his OEDILF limericks that are initially framed as Power-Point slides with embedded pictures (fabric art, paintings including portraits, cell-phone-camera and web-photos) and computer-generated graphics. If the illustrations are abundant, additional slides may be used for elucidation, and are a good vehicle for displaying the 'Author's Notes'. Poetic submissions that seem particularly appropriate for this type of enhancement include verses about biography, wildlife, tourist locations, food, visual arts and recreational activities.

You can review our entire collection of poems on the topic of "Limerick Variations" as compiled on our more encyclopedic blog "Edifying Nonsense" by clicking HERE.  

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