March 8, 2021

MAR 8, classic palindrome, 'too hot to hoot'

You can review these illustrated verses in a wider context by proceeding to 'Reversing Verse: Limericks About Classic Palindromes' on the full-service blog 'Edifying Nonsense'. 

CHANGE IN STATUS: (a repeat of yesterday's message)

This site will now (March 2021) become a PRIVATE BLOG. This means that you will need to respond to an invitation to 'belong' from the site manager Giorgio Coniglio, the administrative pseudonym for his HE (human entity) - Dr. G. H.

This change will let 'members' know that their activity on this site can proceed with no possibility of public visibility. There will be a maximum of 50 custom readers, all kith and kin of Giorgio's. Generally, the blog will serve only to air Giorgio's bizarre mix of offerings, including wordplay, doggerel/poetry and parody-song lyrics, sometimes tinged by political satire, as well as general wordplay, travel reminiscences and nature photography. Assuming you have responded positively to the initial invitation, you are welcome to comment and even submit your own material, which you can do by name, by e-mail identity or anonymously, as you wish. 

In this technical age, we are all concerned about personal identity and privacy, but now let's get down to the business of having fun!

BTW, much of this material  will be posted by Giorgio on Facebook, so you can view it there if you prefer (but you will need a Facebook account). If you are primarily interested in Giorgio's poetry, you can also view it , without accompanying photos or wordplay graphics, among the 110,000 offerings on the website for the humor dictionary (registration not required).

ANOTHER POINT: I cannot arrange automatic mailing of these posts. So you will have to do that from your end, if that interests you.

AND A FINAL POINT: Giorgio cannot tell if you  have visited, or if you have approved of any particular offering. It's rather subtle, but at the bottom of each post, you can find a 'gadget' on which you can anonymously register your reaction with a single click. But even better, leave a comment

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