March 15, 2021

MAR 15, anagram swarms: 'Canada's turn at bat' (North American anagram swarm)

These locales are designated in a more formal global format, with the national designation (the two-letter abbreviation 'CA') at the end of each locale (town + province). This wordplay map is a repeat from the post of March 10, designed to get you warmed up. 
Remember, you can enlarge any photo just by clicking on it (and escape from the enlarged format by finding the little 'x' in the upper right field).   

In this treatment, we leave out the national designation (CA) at the end of each destination, coming back to the familiar form of postal address used by Canadians when sending domestic mail. Note that the provinces of Alberta (AB) and British Columbia (BC) can now join in! 

In Canada, we seem to have a propensity to name many of our towns and cities to highlight adjacent geographical features, e.g. Niagara Falls, Goose Bay, Rankin Inlet, Rainy River, Trois Rivieres, etc. The following collection honours that propensity. 

Stay tuned, and there will be more 'fun-with-anagram' wordplay-maps  showing further variants on this theme! 

OR, if you really want to get into this form of wordplay, you could delve into a series of posts on "Edifying Nonsense", starting here


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