February 28, 2022

FEB 28, Canadiana: snow-biota

verse in honour of Dr. JJ, whose love of life included comedy and the music of poetry ...

Authors' Note:

coyote: wolf-like wild dog,  with range recently extended into southern parts of Canada, and into Carolina coastal communities; a member of the canid family, as are dogs and wolves

cuanto: Spanish for 'how much?’

Pierre (PEER): town named by French explorers, capital of the U.S. state of  South Dakota, located due west of Toronto (2,100 km or 1,330 miles by highway).
  In the United States, nicknames (official or unofficial) for individual states are important for aspects such as vehicle licensing plaques, sports team designation and political bloviation. Geographic features and indigenous plants and animals may be so used, as in South Dakota, 'the coyote state’, and South Carolina, 'the palmetto state’. Such symbols are used to a considerably lesser extent in Canada.

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Incidental Photo:

Algonquin fishing expedition, 1952,
Dr. JJ on reader's right

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