February 3, 2023

* FEB 3, American satire: February reprise trio

  By the way: Readers may note that for the next while, or perhaps indefinitely,  this 'daily' blog will be published every other day. Except for the very finicky among you, that's probably close enough. 

reprise from February, 2020

FEB 25, American satire: 'covfefe'

Authors' Note:  In the midst of the Trump-Russia investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in February 2018, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee issued the 'Nunes Memo', a four-page document that alleged that the FBI had conspired against President Donald Trump.

   Nunes has proceeded in the same vein in his later career, organizing the Republican Party’s role in the politically-charged 2019 House of Representatives Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearings, as the Ranking Minority Member.  

Author's Note: Generally, anagrams give results which are bizarre, unexpected and somewhat random, like "fake news". At least to his current detractors, there may appear to be a compelling stories hidden in these anagrams (italicized) of the name of the 45th U.S. President, but in fact the possible links are coincidental.  It should be remembered that composers of wordplay, such as anagrams and palindromes, do not 'invent' the material, but only report it.

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