October 8, 2023

OCT 8, Canadiana: Canadian Thanksgiving (ph)

a) reprise from October 2020

OCT 11, 2020 , Canadiana: Canadian Thanksgiving

 Get ready for the festivities (by Zoom and other online modalities).

Authors' Note: 

Acadia (uh-KAY-dee-yuh, as here, or uh-KAY-dyuh) or  l'Acadie: (French), name given in colonial times to the region corresponding to today's Atlantic Canada (the Maritime provinces)

tofurkey: a vegetarian substitute for turkey made from tofu

Action de grâce (ak-syon-duh-GRAS): literally action of grace;  name derived from continental France for a harvest festival

habitants: French colonial settlers, a term honored in the title of Montreal's professional hockey team

   Thanksgiving Day, or Action de grâce, is a statutory holiday in the majority of Canadian provinces and territories, observed on the second Monday of October.

You can review poems, pictures and diverse nonsense related to Canada on the post "Canadiana" on our full-service blog  "Edifying Nonsense".

b) Incidental photo: "Autumn Sunrise -- 7 a.m." 

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