September 2, 2023

* SEP 2, portraits of couples -- domestic turkeys

reprise from 2020

SEP 2, portraits of couples: domestic turkeys

Giorgio and I have decided, despite the limitations of the new COVID-19 lockdown regulations, to undertake a novel business venture -- family photographic portraiture. We have been honing our photographic compositional skills over the last several years, and are now ready to share these with the public.
Please call or email to make an appointment with our staff for a photo-shoot, which can be conducted in your front yard, sidewalk or parking area. Owing to the inclement weather, clothing (other than pyjamas or gym-shorts) is recommended.
With the approval of our earliest clients, I will post some samples here over the next few days for your perusal.
Best wishes,
Giorgio / Dr. G.H.

Enjoy an illustrated poem about domestic turkeys by clicking HERE.

You can view this photo from our portfolio of 'Couples' portraits in a
wider context on our full-service blog "Edifying NonsenseHERE.  Or, if you prefer, you could view most of this topically arranged material on Facebook, in Giorgio's photo-albums. (About 20% of those offerings consist of political satire or adult limericks, and you will have to be a 'friend' of Giorgio's to view that stuff.)

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