April 1, 2022

APR 1, April Fool's palinku: Our Hundredth Palindromic Poem!

Well, it's APRIL FOOL'S DAY, and we are just kidding.  

But in fact, we have in the short period of one year produced 57 novel verses of this type, and here are two recently off the production-line; you might note that they do seem to fit in with our current California-theme. (CA is the postal abbreviation for the state of California)

(Editor's Note: A limerick-based spoof dealing with the iconic palindrome 'Yreka Bakery' can be found HERE.)

And, as always,  we will provide a link to the treasury of  55 other palinku verses that we had previously developed, as accumulated on our full-service blog "Edifying Nonsense"; click HERE to start. Or, if you like you could enter 'palinku' in the search line of this daily blog and get an assortment of daily postings. Or, if you prefer, you could go to Giorgio's photo-albums on Facebook, and see all this material there. 

Even if it is only wishful thinking to believe that we had reached the enviable goal of 100 verses, here are the ACTUAL STATISTICS!

PALINKUS: progress report, April 1, 2022

Number of palinku verses                    57

Number of topics covered                    40

Number of lines of poetry (57x3)      171

Number of palindromes (57x3) +7    178

Number of syllables   (57 x 17)          969

Moreover, in consolation for your disappointment at the misleading come-on for this post, we would point out that we have a pile of limericks dealing with the classic repertoire of palindromes, and you can start in on that adventure by clicking HERE.      

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