April 27, 2020

APR 27, kayak excursion (in 'My Blue Heaven')

Keep more to yourself for a while, wash your hands frequently, remember to laugh on occasion, and stay well!

NEWS UPDATE: Last week, the governor of South Carolina declared that the boat ramps and beaches of the state should reopen. Most beach towns on the offshore islands balked at reopening their beaches. Access is now permitted at local public boat landings, but the waterways seem underused, and adjacent bars and restaurants remain closed. Boat ramps are a place where everyone should find it easy to follow ongoing guidelines for social distancing. 

limerick; boating; sit-on kayak; South Carolina; Giorgio Coniglio

notes about kayak excursions; dolphin; waterfowl; Mt. Pleasant; South Carolina; Giorgio Coniglio

kayak; sit-on; fishing trawler; Giorgio Coniglio

Start of the 'maiden voyage', 2015
(archival photo per RCH)

For cetacean advice on the viral pneumonia pandemic, see the post of April 8th on this blog.
The parody-song "My Blue Sit-On" to the tune of the old chestnut "My Blue Heaven" can be found in lyrics format here, or as chord-charts for ukulele and other stringed instruments here

List of slides: 'my blue heaven' verse, + photo-collage kayak-trip Shem Creek 2020, + trawlers 2020, + maiden voyage 2015.

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